Rebel Wilson is Australia’s darling, finding HUGE success overseas in her comedy roles on some of the biggest Hollywood films.

Rebel sat down with SAS’s Ant Middleton for his new show Straight Talking which will only be available in the UK on Sky TV, and really revealed a lot about herself and her past, something she’s always kept away from the public eye.

The premise of the show is that Ant will be using his ‘training in tactical questioning’ to get celebrities to open up and have discussions they might not have otherwise had on other talk shows.

He described Rebel as ‘a bit of an enigma’ because of the lack of information about her life in the public eye.

The trailer shows excerpts from the interviews in which Rebel Wilson drops some HUGE bombs including a casual “I was pretty lucky. I only had, like, two sexual harassment experiences,” she stated in what we’re assuming was chat about the #MeToo movement.


We’re so curious to know if she’ll go further to explain her experience and what exactly went down!

She also went on to say in another scene, ‘I feel so sad for myself that I did that. You know, not loving yourself in the right way,” her eyes starting to tear up.

It goes without saying, this is going to be a rollercoaster of emotion, we just need to figure out where we can watch it.

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