A real estate agent is in hot water over a hilarious typo in an Adelaide house listing.

House hunters were left stunned when reading the description for a house in the Adelaide suburb of Marleston.

While describing the “immaculate attention to detail” in the property, such as the “traditional hallway” and “alluring staircase”, the agent goes onto mentions the “loads of storage plus wank in pantry”. 

Yes, you read that right – a “wank in pantry”. 

Most readers assumed the real estate agent was meant to write “walk” in pantry as opposed to a “wank” in pantry. 

Despite the mistake being fixed online, locals were quick to snap a picture of the typo in the paper. 

“Just too good not to share. A genuine real estate ad with a slight typo… but one hell of a pantry!” Facebook user Michael Clarke shared.


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