Snakes – you either love ’em or hate ’em, but we tend to underestimate their eating abilities… or should we say ‘swallowing’ skills?

Well, a snake in this wondrous country of ours has basically inhaled an entire crocodile, whole!

The python’s feast took place in Mount Isa, Queensland, with kayaker Martin Muller managing to capture the whole thing. 

“SSSSssssssssensational. “Amazing pictures of an olive python Australia’s 2nd largest snake & Western Australia’s largest having a feed on an Australian freshwater crocodile (crocodylus Johnstoni),” GG Wildlife Rescue Inc posted on their Facebook.


The insane images show the olive python slowly consuming the massive freshwater crocodile, leaving only the tip of its tail. For this python, eating a meal doesn’t require chewing. It kills its prey by wrapping itself around it, and basically squeezing it until there’s no life left. The gigantic snake then necks its prey and lets its stealthy digestive system do the rest. 

Now that’s a sight we’ll never be able to erase!

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