This year has brought with it a lot of revelations about Prince Harry, Meghan and the Royal Family. And to be honest, most of them have been pretty negative.

However, Prince Harry has now revealed one little nugget of information about his family that is actually very sweet.

Now, Harry has revealed that one of his son Archie’s first words — apart from the obvious ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ — was in direct reference to Harry’s to Princess Diana.

He reportedly calls the late Princess “Grandma”, with Harry explaining that the couple have hung a photo of her in Archie’s nursery.

Unfortunately for mum and dad, neither they nor Diana ranked as one of Archie’s very first word. That honour went to the word “crocodile” which is actually genuinely impressive for a kid learning to say anything for the first time.


Amanda Keller apologises to Prince Harry:

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