Prince Harry has long been one of our favourite Royals… but this cute clip just makes us love him more. 

On a recent school visit to Nottingham Academy, Prince Harry was caught out joking around with one of the young students.

He can be seen trying to get away with the old ‘shoulder tap on the wrong side of the body’ trick.

Sadly for him, he was caught out immediately. 


But what we love even more is when the child reciprocates, he happily goes along with the prank and looks over his shoulder confused. 

Our ovaries are exploding, as we watch him genuinely engaging with the young students. 

Prince Harry has also been spotted out and about on a date night with Megan Markle in the past 24 hours in London, as their relationship continues to heat up. 

We can only imagine how cute their babies would be if that relationship stays strong…

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