Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are busy attending various events ahead of their planned time off at the end of the year and following one event we now know how baby Archie is getting along at 6-months old.

It also looks like the royal pair could be keen to expand their family…

On Wednesday they surprised military families in Windsor by attending a coffee event at the Broom Farm Community Centre, sharing some images for the event on their official Instagram account.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spoke with the loved ones of those serving in the military, and during the chat they got to talking about families.

Harry, who has served in the Army for 10 years, spoke about how much he would miss his son Archie if he were to be away for him now.


“I can’t imagine what it’s like to miss so much, as they change so quickly,” Prince Harry said according to ITV News.

Speaking of which, the pair spoke about some of the milestones their now 6-month-old son has achieved, with Harry saying that Archie is now crawling and Meghan revealing that he has grown in two teeth.

Some of the attendees at the military event said that Harry seemed quite interested in finding out what it was like to have a second child.

“Harry was really quite interested in how things were with second children, as well because we both have older children,” military wife Susie Stringfellow reportedly said to Forces Network.


“We were trying to encourage him to have a second baby.”

You and us both Susie! We would have to see another little Sussex royal baby and a sibling for Archie!

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