A frustrated Prince Charles jokingly asked a friend ‘shall I go gay’ as he struggled to find a wife.

The claims have surfaced in a new documentary about the private lives of the Royal heirs, which will be shown in the UK.

In, Paxman on the Queen’s Children, which will be screened this week, the TV presenter Jeremy Paxman speaks to friends of Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward.

One of Charles’ good friends said he made the ‘go gay’ comment before he had met his future wife Diana, according to The Mirror.

Discussing an old newspaper story about ‘potential brides’ for the heir, Broderick Munro-Wilson tells Paxman: “I thought the only possibility was Caroline of Monaco.”

But he said Charles was not tempted by any of his suitors and once joked: “Shall I go gay?”

Munro-Wilson says: “We all roared with laughter and moved on … They had a lot of fun.”


It is unknown if the show will be shown in Australia.

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