Mr Abbott, mocked for ordering a shandy lite during the 2013 election campaign, joined Bob Hawke on a list of Aussie PMs who famously downed a yard of ale in fast fashion.

Footage emerged on Sunday night of the PM being cheered on by revellers at The Oaks Hotel in Double Bay.

He was there with members of the University of Technology Sydney’s Bats Football Club when things got a bit rowdy.

In the video, shot on an iPhone, the crowd encourages Mr Abbott to “skoll”. He reaches for the schooner, believed to be a VB, and drinks the whole thing in about six seconds.

The Australian Women’s Weekly reported that Mr Abbott had “absolutely no problem” drinking beer and was “proud as punch”.

“He proceeds to reach down and grab a schooner and he drank it head to toe, the entire schooner, dribbling little bits on his shirt,” coach Simon Carroudous told Australian Women’s Weekly.

“He was as proud as punch.”


An employee of the pub said Mr Abbott was spotted from across the bar by members of the UTS Bats AFL team, who invited him to join them for a beer.

According to the pub worker, Mr Abbott made an impromptu speech: “I was coming here to farewell a friend who’s going overseas and I ended up crashing the UTS Bats function. As a rugby bloke it’s great to be able to be accepted by one of the great Australian football codes.”

The pub worker added: “Then he skolled the beer. He was surrounded by about 50 people.”

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