Shocking footage has emerged of two Australians forcing a wild possum to smoke a joint.

The video – posted under the title ‘Possum Magic’ on Reddit – shows a cigarette being lit in front of the possum’s face while it was sitting on the window of the house. The creature can be heard screeching and coughing before the cigarette is pulled away. 

The two smokers can be heard laughing at their disgusting behaviour.

While many viewers have slammed the culprits, and have described the act as animal cruelty, others have praised the men’s behaviour, calling it a ‘proud moment for humanity’. 

THC is highly toxic to animals, and can cause seizures. Signs of toxicity can be evidenced anywhere between five and 12 hours after the animal is exposed. These signs can last several days after being ingested. 

The person who posted the video under the name ‘Langington’, told 10 daily he is not responsible for the act

“The video is not mine, a friend had shared it with me,” he said.


“It wasn’t my mate who filmed it either, I’m pretty sure a friend of his found it from somewhere and shared it with him as well.”

Reddit has since deleted the clip. 

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