Today, popular Channel 10 personality Sarah Harris has announced that she and husband Tom Ward are expecting their her first baby!

Harris chose to announce the news this during STUDIO 10 this morning, and revealed that she’s 15 weeks.

It’s Red Nose Day! Look silly for a good cause!

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“I’ve been trying to hide it very unsuccessfully because the audience keep picking up on it!” the 33-year-old said.

According to a report on the Daily Telegraph, when asked how she was feeling, she replied: “For the first 12 weeks I was really, really cranky, really hormonal, and a bit icky but I feel better now.”

Harris also revealed that she hopes the baby (who is due Christmas Day) is a redhead!


Thank you to the uber talented @viktorianovak for my leather headpiece today. I felt pretty spesh. 👑🗽 #crownladieslunch

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“I’m dying for it to be a ginger,” she said, referring to her husband’s red hair. “I’d love a little ginger baby.”

“I feel like it’s got a couple of fairy godmothers and a fairy godfather and a little family that it’s been born in to,” she said of her STUDIO 10 panel.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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