Do you ever start a podcast and switch it off after a few minutes because the hosts are annoying? Maybe the content of it doesn’t resonate with you? Or maybe you just find it boring?

Whatever the case, it can be tough finding a podcast series that you can really relate to, which is why we were so excited when we found a new podcast by the name of ‘Playing Devil’s Avocado’. With a name like that, it’s bound to be a keeper, right?

The podcast sees two women (Claire Isaac and Lisa Sinclair) sit down together to chat about whether or not life really is fabulous at 50. With regular segments like ‘What Hurts Now’ and ‘The Fad We’re Following’, their weekly episodes are the much-needed conversations you didn’t know you needed to hear. They are funny, smart, and so darn relatable!

We sat down with Claire Isaac – one half of the duo – to chat about this fantastic new podcast, and the inspiration behind it.


Q. First of all, ‘Playing Devil’s Avocado’ is one of the cleverest titles we’ve heard in a very long time! How did you come up with it?

We would always say it in meetings! We’d use it in the right way, to go against the tide with a discussion about a story or an idea, but just say it like that to get a laugh.

One day I suddenly woke up and thought we could use it for the podcast – and it seemed so perfect, I called Lisa straight away and luckily she agreed.

It works well because we’re genuinely going against what women of our age are supposed to be — as marketing and advertising people seem to see us – and also it’s us being ‘hilarious’.

We really are ‘playing devil’s avocado’ about lots of topics we talk about.

Q. Where do you gain inspiration for your content?


We each have a list we bring to the recordings. We gather stuff through the week that we think is relevant, things that annoy us, things that hurt and things that are really interesting to us, as well as ridiculous things we’ve seen online and topics we feel will hit a nerve.

To be honest, we kind of entertain ourselves first, adding in the things we think are trend driven etc, and things the Facebook group have brought up. One thing we are conscious of is that we really make sure we talk to our age group all the time – we’re adding more regular segments like Culture Club, What Hurts Now, Am I Losing The Plot and other recurring themes. And the PDAs [Facebook Community Group dedicated to the podcast] remind us that it’s not all doom and gloom as you head into menopause, so we’re conscious of giving that some air as much as we can, too.

We’re not covering the ‘topics of the week’ or anything, it’s more us having a chat about what’s interesting to us, and other women like us, that week – and we always have a G&T while we do it.

Q. You just mentioned your Facebook Group ‘The PDAs’ where you’ve created a real sense of community. In recent years, quite a few podcasters have done this (most notably My Favourite Murder’s ‘Murderinos’), how does it feel seeing so many people relate to your own experiences and build friendships upon them?

It’s one of the best things about it – all these people coming into the group and then relating to things we’ve said, adding their own thoughts, suggesting topics and sharing stories – it’s amazing! (drink!)

They give us heaps of things to talk about and also show us how right we were to start the podcast – it really seems they’re loving having someone to talk to as much as we are loving it!


Q. Were you surprised at how well received ‘Playing Devil’s Avocado’ has been in such a short amount of time?

I don’t know that we were surprised that people we knew would like it – we kinda imagined that would happen. But that strangers like it, and tell us they do, that is amazing (drink!).

Also there were people who heard it originally who we asked for advice from, and we have blatantly ignored that advice and it seems to have worked out well! It seems we were right all along about it filling a void in what was out there for women of our age – we don’t want to ‘have it all’ (God, that’s too exhausting) or the alternative to that which is growing old quietly.

We have touched a nerve with women like us – they’re around 50, still wanting to live a full life and have fun without feeling guilty for not working themselves into the ground.

We don’t want to slow down, settle or disappear… and while the world might suggest you’re invisible if you’re not a ‘superwoman’, we don’t care what anyone thinks. We’re having a party over here – and it’s a whole heap of fun. And it’s nice that people want to join in!


Q. What prompted you and Lisa to start a podcast together?

We have worked together for a few years on and off in the magazine world, and are really similar in our a) impatience with other people and b) ability to talk underwater. Oh, and c) how we can laugh at anything.

I had been championing podcasts for years (I had bought a mic, recorded demos and everything!) but then one day we just knew that if we did something together we would be hilarious and the timing seemed perfect. Plus even though there were loads of podcasts out there aimed at us, none of them really hit the spot for us.

We met some friends on Galentine’s Day this year (the day before Valentine’s Day) and it just made sense — they told us all the things they wanted to hear in a podcast, it emphasised to us that there was a hole in the market and we just decided to get on with it.


Q. Would you ever consider having guests on your podcast?

Yes, we really want to start having some experts on there.

We’re really into having actual experts rather than us blibbering on about things we know nothing about! Once we can work out how to get another microphone working we will do it. True story!

Q. What do you hope listeners can gain from listening to you and Lisa?

I think mostly it’s just like sitting around with your girlfriends having a laugh, but also getting an insight into life over 45 — without resorting to wearing white slacks and getting a grey bob.

You can be cool and ‘trendy’ and still interested in pop culture, while also having issues with your back hurting … and we won’t judge you for any of it!


We will have a giggle, tell you you’re not alone, talk about the ageing stuff and why it’s ok, and then get a bit drunk with you and sing some karaoke.

Q. What three words would you use to describe ‘Playing Devil’s Avocado’?

Older, not wiser. Or Funny, informative, amazing (drink!). Or… Your best friend! Or… Claire and Lisa?

Playing Devil’s Avocado is available on the iHeartRadio app.

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