Scott Morrison may have pulled off an unexpected win in the federal election over the weekend, but this isn’t the only big talking point surrounding the Prime Minister.

Well, it might be for the more respected news sources, but here we’re all caught up in the latest addition to the now infamous Engadine Maccas tale.

In case you’re unaware, legend has it that in 1997 following the Cronulla Sharks grand final loss, ScoMo allegedly violently sh*t his pants at Engaging McDonald’s.

But despite this, some true believers have chosen to commemorate the alleged incident in a pretty permanent way.

An actual plaque, which from here on out will be known as the Poo Plaque, as been erected at the Engadine Maccas, the site of the alleged sh*tting incident.

Pedestrian TV is reporting that the people behind the plaque is Sydney-based political podcast ‘A Rational Fear’.

In images obtained by Pedestrian TV, the plaque has been placed on a bin outside the establishment.


“It was at this spot in the evening of the 20th September 1997 that Scott Morrison defected in his pants after the Cronulla Sharks lost the Super League Grand Final to the Brisbane Broncos 26-8,” the plaque reads.

But just one wasn’t enough. A second plaque, with the same inscription, was also placed about the urinal inside the men’s bathroom, which ironically, old ScoMo allegedly didn’t make it to on that day in 1997.

Some people really do have too much time on their hands. But we must say, we love it.

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