Perth Zoo’s Pierre the penguin has been binge-watching Pingu and it’s the news we all needed.

Pingu is a children’s claymation TV series about a family of penguins, and is named after the main character. The characters speak ‘Pengunese’, which is mainly made up of muttering and loud honking, particularly ‘noot noot!’

In short, it’s adorable.

The fact that Pierre, a rockhopper penguin, has been getting into it just makes it even more pure.

He also watches it on an iPad.


“What I have here is an iPad for our rockhopper penguin Pierre,” one of the zookeepers said.

“Pierre is by himself in the vet department and does get a bit lonely at times, and to make his life a bit more enriching we’ve decided to get other rockhoppers online for him to watch.”

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