People are questioning the security of a popular social media application after the personal details of about 50 million Instagram users was leaked online on an unsecured database.

The BBC is reporting that an Indian researcher discovered the database before contacting a US technology news outlet known as TechCrunch.

The leak included personal details, such as phone numbers and email addresses, including those of multiple Instagram influencers, celebrities and food bloggers.

The database also showed the estimated commercial worth of each account.

The database could be accessed by members of the public and was leaked to a marketing company in Mumbai called Chtrbox.

Instagram is owned by Facebook, who says that they are investigating the leak.

“We’re looking into the issue to understand if the data described – including email and phone numbers – was from Instagram or from other sources,” Instagram said in a statement.


“We’re also inquiring with Ctrbox to understand where this data came from and how it becomes publicly available.”

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