Pamela Anderson has appeared as the latest guest on Piers Morgan’s new talk show, ‘Life Stories’, and has opened up a LOT about her life.

Piers asked Pamela about her childhood, her charity work and her very interesting relationship history. Of course the biggest rumour about Pamela’s love life was that she was having a secret romance with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

At least this WAS the most interesting dating rumour about Pamela…after her appearance on the show another strange relationship has taken over the top spot.

Whilst on the show she accidentally revealed that she may have had some sort of sexual relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin!!

The weird revelation came about when Piers asked Pamela about befriending the controversial leader in order to stop the importation of seal products. But Pamela accidentally alluded to the fact that they were actually MORE than friends.

“You’ve made a surprising ally in Vladimir Putin, tell me about that,” said Piers.

“I wrote to him and asked him to stop the importation of seal products,” she answered through a girlish giggle. “So he did. He made it actually illegal to import seal products into the country.”


And apparently this exchange was the beginning of a romance between Pamela and Putin! Piers went on the ask the actress if she had ever had direct contact with the President. To which Pamela responded by becoming completely silent and smiling kind of sheepishly.

Piers picked up on her reaction and exclaimed, “Oh not another one! Have I found number three? We’re not talking Adil, Julian and Vladimir I hope are we?”

The audience exploded in laughter and Pamela sat there smiling and looking just a tiny bit uncomfortable. You know that feeling where you go, ‘Oh yep I’ve definitely put my foot in my mouth here…”

Eventually Pamela spoke up and tried to breeze past the topic saying, “Lets not go any further with this one.”

The only other thing that she said about the topic was, “obviously we’ve been in the same place together uh sometimes.” Following which she stares at Piers with very wide eyes and a very guilty look on her face.

Yep something fishy is DEFINITELY going on here. We have a sneaky suspicion that Vladimir invited Pamela over to check out his missiles…if ya know what we mean.


Check out the full clip in the video above.

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