If multiple reports are to be believed, the Prince of Darkness is to appear as himself in the forthcoming Ghostbusters reboot.

The Boston Herald claims that Ozzy performed during the filming of a heavy metal concert scene director shot at Boston’s Citi Wang Theatre last week and that film crew members outside the venue were heard mentioned the Black Sabbath frontman by name. There were also allegedly posters put up around the venue – which was renamed Stonebrook Theatre for the shoot – advertising the ‘Rock Revenge Fest Featuring Ozzy Osbourne’ that promised a ’12-hour marathon of metal’.

Meanwhile, Billboard reports that the filmmakers released a casting call seeking extras to ‘play the audience at a heavy metal concert’ between July 28 and 30. Osbourne has played himself in a movie before, appearing in the Adam Sandler vehicle Little Nicky in 2000.

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