You’ve laughed at those outrageous rock star contract demands: Van Halen’s insistence on “no brown M&M’s” or The Beatles’ less obnoxious requirement for “clean towels and a portable TV.”

Fleetwood Mac’s deal breaker during a 1980s Australian tour was insisting on a specific type of lime to be served with their gin and tonics . The problem was that particular type of citrus was not allowed in the country. So, according to journalist Stuart Coupe, the promoter “had to clandestinely fly in from overseas these [bleeping] limes for Fleetwood Mac.”

In a new book, Coupe also detailed another demand -which for obvious reasons, couldn’t be written into a contract. Another promoter claimed Meat Loaf wouldn’t go on stage unless he was given a joint. The “crisis” got so bad that he was “scurrying around the media section in the front rows of the concert just before Meat Loaf was scheduled to come on, asking everyone he knew if anyone had a joint.

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