In a move that has been praised by concerned parents, the NSW Government has finally listened to community fears and will now let young cyclists ride on the footpath.

NSW was one of only two states that forced kids over the age of 12 ride onto the road.

NSW Roads Minister Melinda Pavey said the law change will help keep young people safe.

“Children are some of our most vulnerable road users and as a Government we are always looking at new initiatives to protect our young people and support them to be safe on and near the road,”

The new rules lets children up to the age of 16 to ride on the footpath legally.

However, any one over the age of 16 must ride on the road or on designated cycle paths unless they are cycling with and supervising a child.

However, Bicycle NSWs Alistair Ferguson, thinks the changes don’t go far enough.


“Bicycle NSW is disappointed that the age has only been increased to 16. While this will see children continue to ride safer for longer, and also look after their physical and mental health, this law change does not cater for those newer or less confident riders,”

“Footpaths can be a safe place off busy roads and can encourage more people to use a bicycle to move around their city.”

In the five years to 2017, two children under 16 years old in NSW lost their lives while cycling and 1770 were seriously injured.

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