For a long time we heard that our commute on public transport was about to get better once the new and improved Sydney metro opened. But now that it’s actually here, one commuter is less than impressed! 


Everything will be quicker they said, It will be great they said. The promises fed to the everyday commuter on the T1 northern line by the transport minister.

After 10 months (Although it felt like years) of getting off at St Leonards Station, walking through the concourse to catch a bus, just so you could get to Macquarie University… And that was only for the lucky ones that could commute early morning to catch the express service.

Otherwise it was a long wait at Chatswood station waiting for the next pink crusader, as commuters nicknamed them.

We went through this routine daily to get to work, uni or even to just to go Ice Skating. Every day it felt like a drag yet you did it with a smile on your face, knowing there was light at the end of the tunnel – that light being the “Driverless Super Train” that would rival that of the Singapore transport system.

It would get you to where you needed in the blink of an eye with trains departing every 7 minutes.


One week in and we are quickly realising the light at the end of the tunnel was just a torch someone had left a quarter of the way.

Reality being you still need to alight your train at Chatswood and stand in the cold and wait another 10 minutes IF YOU’RE LUCKY just so you can continue your commute.

The Metro super train is admittedly cool the first time you ride it , but once you look past all the shiny bells and whistles, get your Instagram story and get your head around fact there is no driver, you realise the trains over shot the gates (Again) you’re running late for work AND FOR GOD SAKE SOMEONE PLEASE TURN THE AIR CONDITIONING DOWN!

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” they say and we should have listened.

One train all the way from the city to Macquarie Park who would have thought it was GENIUS. Even the station link bus system worked better than the operation the Sydney Metro has going at the minute.

Sure it looks cool, Sure its Shiny but in a world where time is money not everyone can afford to add an extra 20 minutes to their trip.


By Matthew Petherick

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