Aussie icon Olivia Newton-John has made a passionate plea for those ignoring social distancing rules to think of the impact their actions could have on the more vulnerable members of the community.

The 71-year-old performer, who is battling breast cancer for the third time, joined Jonesy & Amanda to chat about the current social climate and the impact COVID-19 could have on her.

“It’s a very difficult time but the whole planet is going through it, and it’s kind of a great unifier in a way… it’s a test of how well we regard each other,” she explained.

“When they had the Spanish Flu, they had no way of communicating the way that they do now so that is lucky in a way that we can stop the spread if we pay attention and do what we’re asked.

She added, “But we can do it, it’s for the good of all of us… I hope the young people listen because I remember when you’re young, you think you’re invulnerable to these things but unfortunately it’s affecting all of us. They need to listen to protect their parents and grandparents.”

Olivia also took the time to send her love to all of us in Australia, saying: “I think of you all and everybody that I know in Australia. I miss you guys and I wish I could be in two places at once so I was really torn when I had to leave.”

Her final message? “Stay well, stay healthy, wash your hands and keep your distance!”


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