Standing at 5’3, Paige was morbidly obese, measuring in with a BMI of 57.

At 22 years old, and weighing in at 146kgs, Paige’s boyfriend humiliated her when he said her stomach was too big for sex during a romantic getaway to celebrate their one year together.

You can only imagine the impact this had on her, emotionally.

But despite the hurt, Paige used this as fuel to power a diet that has seen her drop EIGHT dress sizes… And 82Kgs.

She went from size 28 to 12, and now weighs in at 63Kgs.


“It was absolutely mortifying when my boyfriend told me that my belly was getting in the way, but it gave me the push I needed to finally do something about my weight,” Paige told the Daily Mail.

“I’d always been big as a child, and then I was ‘the fat one’ in my bunch of friends. Men would say horrible things about me on nights out, like ‘God, look at the size of her.’

“I had no confidence whatsoever, but I tried to kid myself that I was happy being fat.”

A regular day for Paige would be gorging on sandwiches, biscuits and chocolate, with frequent visits to McDonald’s for two burger meals, fries, a McFlurry and a large milkshake.


“Even when I broke a sun lounger at a family barbecue by sitting on it, I just laughed it off.”

“However, when my boyfriend made that comment, I knew I couldn’t kid myself any longer.”

Paige started on a juice diet, losing 50 Kgs in just 90 days – but the side effects stopped her – 

“It was horrendous. I was pleased that the weight was coming off, but I felt terrible. My periods stopped, and I was an emotional wreck.

“After three months, I just couldn’t cope with it any longer and decided to lose weight in a healthier way.”

For the eight months that followed, she ate small portions of healthy food – salad, bran flakes, fruit, etc.



She walked for exercise regularly – and managed to drop down to her 63 kg frame she is today.

She ditched the man who shamed her, but says she’s grateful for the kick up the butt she needed.

“Now I’m happier than I’ve ever been – and I definitely haven’t had any complaints about my belly since!”

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