A kiwi man who has been unintentionally flashing people in neighbouring buildings in Wellington has been snapped by a nearby office worker in an attempt to try and get him to stop.

The woman has taken the photo of the man as she looked out of her office window and saw the naked guy unintentionally baring his bottom in a nearby building.

Another resident revealed that the man regularly appears in just his birthday suit.

“This has been happening most mornings for a long time. I’m new to this area of my building and it’s been a bit of a joke since I started here. But I just don’t think the guy realises we can all see.”

“I’ve just moved to this area of the building which works at the ‘south end’.

“It’s hilarious, but I just felt bad for the guy. Like what if he has no idea. And there’s everyone on this side of the building seeing him, ya know. It’s so outrageous.”

One resident told the NZ Herald that more than 900 workers may have been exposed to the mans bare backside.

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