For those who might not have been following along, Christian O’Connell has been writing a book. Actually he’s finished writing a book and it’s available for pre-order from today.

It’s called “No one listens to your Dad’s show” which is a title that for Christian has some pointed meaning.

The name comes straight from a comment made to Christian’s daughter in the schoolyard one morning back when “technically, no one did listen to this show”.

“It was actually Eddie McGuire dressed as a school girl,” Christian jokes, alluding to just how fiercely competitive Aussie radio is, especially for those arriving with an accent.

“The book is the story of moving here, starting a radio show as a complete unknown the other side of the world, with my family,” Christian explains.

It’s the story about why he made the move, which until now, has been a bit of a mystery!

“We had no idea when we moved to Australia what it would be like,” Christian says about all the unknowns ahead of him and his family.


But after being made to feel rather unwelcome and told that he had not been invited here, the people of Melbourne gave him a chance. And according to Christian, this is a story just as much about you, the listener, who helps to make the show with him every single day.

“If you listen to the show, it’s also about you. It’s your show, if you didn’t listen I would’ve been sacked and I’d be back in the UK dealing with super leagues, Boris Johnson and Brexit.”

Take a listen to Christian tell the story behind the name and what you can expect from the new book here…

No One Listens To Your Dad’s Show comes out on June 1st, you can pre-order your own copy here now

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