Long gone are the sweet, innocent days of Strawberry Kisses or the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony!

Nikki Webster has shown her rock princess side after tricking us all as the Alien on The Masked Singer!

Well kind of tricking us… Dannii Minogue actually guessed Nikki as The Alien in episode one and it was certainly a popular guess online.


The Alien was unmasked during last night’s episode of the hit new competition on Channel 10, and when that strawberry blonde hair fell out of the mask it was unmistakable that Nikki was in fact the celeb!

But before all of this, Nikki took to the stage to give us a seriously epic performance while covered by her extraterrestrial mask.

Nikki sang ‘Youngblood’ by Aussie band 5 Seconds Of Summer and we have to say it was so good we reckon the boys would definitely approve!

Check it out for yourself in the video above! And for old times sake, let’s reminisce with a little bit of Strawberry Kisses! (Honestly, what a banger!)


Nikki Webster joins Jonesy & Amanda to chat all about her Masked Singer experience after 7:30AM this morning! You can listen live here.

The Masked Singer continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10!

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