After 27 seasons and one more ordered it could be the end of our longest-standing TV family!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series showrunner Al Jean has said that the previously reported end-date of season 30 isn’t a given.

‘It’s quite possible that we don’t have to go through the whole negotiation for 30,’ he said. ‘I wouldn’t be stunned if we stopped at 28 [seasons].

‘I’d say the likeliest is ending after 30, but I’ve been wrong before. I though five seasons was good when we got there!’

And how might it all end for Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie?

‘I had an idea, I thought it’d be cool if the last episode ended with them getting ready for the Christmas pageant that appeared in the first episode,’ he said. ‘So that the whole series was a loop that didn’t have a beginning or end. That’s my two cents – but no one has approved that or anything.’

In any case, we are going to be devastated to say goodbye to our four-fingered, yellow-skinned friends. D’oh!


Source: UniLad