Four French backpackers walking through Te Urewera National Park in New Zealand fell 26ft into a river after a bridge collapsed underneath them.

The walkers, who were filming their trek on a helmet camera, captured the moment they were suddenly thrown into the water below them.

The video shows the walkers under the water before they resurface and check that everyone is alright.

Fortunately none of the trekkers suffered any serious injuries.

One of the bridge’s two suspension cables gave way while the walkers were crossing reports

Writing about their experience for the French travel blog Rolandes Internationales, one of the walkers, Effie-Belle wrote: “Arriving mid-walk we hear a muffled sound and before having the time to wonder what it is, I am projected into the emptiness, fatally accepting what will follow

“Once the shock of the water sinks in, I gently get to the surface, I note that nothing is broken and look around me, searching for everyone. I see Enzo on the surface – it’s a relief. Then I see Adrien a little further, astonished like all of us.”


Authorities say the bridge collapsed because of a rare manufacturing defect in the cable that broke.

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