A woman has copped a fine that has been labelled ‘ridiculous’ after parking on her own law.

The woman from Orange, posted a picture of the $263 fine to Facebook, saying the council told her the lawn in Racecourse Road didn’t belong to her.

“$263 fine for parking on our own lawn out the front of our own house!!!” she wrote. “Apparently it’s not our lawn … it belongs to council! Perhaps we should send them a bill for mowing it for the last 15 years.”

The woman then went and calculated that she had spent $10 a month on mowing and the council actually owed her $1800.

Orange City Council and Community Relations Manager Nick Redmond told Channel 7 “Residents and businesses have told council they are concerned about the added safety risk if they have to walk onto the roadway to get around a parked car.’’

“In some industrial areas, staff have sent letters to the neighbourhood, encouraging people not to park on community-owned land.”


“Even if there is no front fence, it’s expected landholders would have a good idea where their property ends and where the public area outside their property begins,” he said.

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