Although we don’t celebrate it in Australia, Planes, Trains and Automobiles is a classic ‘gotta get home’ comedy set around Thanksgiving.

Also, I mean, the comedy pairing of Steve Martin and John Candy. The best.

Thing is, there were whispers years ago that there was a much longer version of the movie… and a new short doco from Hats Off Entertainment sets out to explore this rumour, using deleted scenes, trailers and different versions of the screenplay (which was originally 145 pages, almost twice as long as the industry standard).

So, what was left on the cutting room floor? A lot, it turns out.

At the beginning of the doco, director Joe Ramoni narrates that the first cut of the film came in a almost 3.5 hours, adding that the length of deleted footage is actually longer than the final cut.

There are subplots which were hinted at in the theatrical release and this is what the doco looks at – including an explanation of the hotel room burglary scene and some context for the theatrical cut’s final exchange of dialogue.

Check out The Lost Version Of Planes, Trains and Automobiles – A Documentary here…


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