Neil Young knows what he thinks. He has long railed against what he considers the poor sound quality of standard digital music, and now he’s decided to have his music removed from all streaming audio services.

In a message posted on his official Facebook page, the outspoken rock legend writes, “Streaming has ended for me.  I hope this is ok for my fans.”  Young explains that his decision isn’t because of monetary issues with the services, although he maintains that “my share (like all the other artists) was dramatically reduced by bad deals made without my consent.”

Neil says, “It’s about sound quality.  I don’t need my music to be devalued by the worst quality in the history of broadcasting or any other form of distribution.  I don’t feel right allowing this to be sold to my fans.  It’s bad for my music.”

Young points out that if the streaming services at some point make better-quality audio available, “I’ll give it another look,” adding, “Never say never.”

Neil also posted a follow-up Facebook note reiterating some of the same points he made in his initial message.

“AM radio kicked streaming’s a**,” he declares.  “Analog Cassettes and 8 tracks also kicked streaming’s a**, and absolutely rocked compared to streaming…Streaming sucks.  Streaming is the worst audio in history.  If you want it, you got it.  It’s here to stay. Your choice.”

He adds, “It’s already started.  My music is being removed from all streaming services.  It’s not good enough to sell or rent…Make streaming sound good and I will be back.


Over the last few years, Young has worked to develop the high-quality digital services and music player Pono, which was officially launched in January.