Natalie Imbruglia is set for her first release in 6 years. The new album will  cover songs by Tom Petty, Neil Young, Pete Townshend and Cat Stevens on her upcoming album. According to Billboard, all 12 tracks on the album, which is titled Male, are by male artists. It’s due out August 21st.

Male is  made up of artists as varied as Zac Brown, Cat Stevens and ’80s one-hit wonders Modern English. The first single, Natalie’s version of the Daft Punk song “Instant Crush”.

Natalie will support the album with an international tour.

Some of the highlight songs:

    “Let My Love Open the Door” (Townshend)

    “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” (Young)

    “The Waiting” (Petty)


    “The Wind” (Stevens)

Natalie’s version of the Daft Punk song “Instant Crush”

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