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Naomi Watts is getting better roles now she is in her forties.

The Australian star almost quit acting after spending 10 years in Hollywood without booking much work.

She found it “demoralising” when a casting director wouldn’t even shake her hand, but after gaining roles in the early ’00s, Naomi has become one of the world’s biggest stars.

“I don’t want to curse myself by saying this, but I’m going to, I guess things are pretty OK for me,” the 47-year-old star smiled to Britain’s Hello! magazine.

“There aren’t an abundance of roles but things are OK. I strongly believe the roles over 40 are far more in-depth, far more developed. There’s experience, there’s kids and younger women in their 20s that’s not a lot of life under their belt.”

Over the last 16 years Naomi has been nominated for an Oscar twice, first for 21 Grams and then for The Impossible, and has starred with some of Hollywood’s top leading men.


“Even now, I never get too cocky or complacent,” she continued. “Yes, I’m more secure standing where the phone rings – and that is still a novelty to me because it didn’t for a long time. You still get periods where it’s slow but you just ride those times.”

Her latest movie sees her star opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in Demolition.

The film tells the story of an investment banker who, after tragically losing his wife, forms an unlikely friendship with a customer service rep after sending the company she works for letters.

“It is very different from anything I’d done before,” Naomi said.

“It felt awkward and beautiful, had a very different relationship between two people who would ordinarily never connect: and it had the journey this man embarks on.”



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