Jodie Foster – At age 13 she played a teenage hooker in the gritty 70’s classic Taxi Driver. Before you know it she’s a double Oscar winner for The Accused in 1988and as FBI agent Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs in 1991.


Joseph Gordon Levitt  – He started at age 7. His big break came in 1996, when he played Tommy Solomon in the hit sitcom Third Rock From The Sun. Now he’s a major player appearing in such blockbusters as Inception, Looper and The Dark Knight Rises. 


Ron Howard – He appeared on screen at 18 months and landed his first full time TV role aged 6 playing Opie in 1963 on The Andy Griffith Show. In 1974 he starred as Richie Cunnigham on the world’s most beloved 70’s sitcom Happy Days.

In 1982 he switched to the other side of the camera and directed his first feature film Night Shift starring first time actor Michael Keaton. Since then he’s directed 24 films including Splash, Parenthood, Apollo 13 and in 2001 he took home the Best Director Oscar for his work on (that year’s Best Picture winner) A Beautiful Mind.



Mayim Bialik – She was 13 when she played the lead role on 90’s sitcom Blossom. These days you know her as Sheldon’s long suffering girlfriend Amy on The Big Bang Theory. Mayim plays a neuro scientist on the show and she just happens to be one in real life as well!


Neil Patrick Harris – He was the youngest doctor on television when he took on the role of Doogie Howswer MD at 16!

The show ended in 1993 after 4 successful seasons. After guest shots on many prime time programmes… the big one came along in 2005. How I Met Your Mother was one of the hottest sitcoms of the 2000’s. (Neil played the expensive suit wearin’ womanising Barney Stinson.)

In 2014 Neil Patrick Harris won a Tony Award for his lead role on Broadway’s Hedwig and the Angry Inch.


This year he hosted the 87th Academy Awards ceremony making him the first openly gay man to do so. He also crossed to the creepy side in last year’s American Horror Story and in the movie Gone Girl.


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