Paul McCartney stepped into a time machine for his “Find My Way” remix video.

The clip sees a digitally de-aged Sir Paul dancing through the halls of a hotel while staff and guests look on, star-struck.

The trippy visuals were directed by Andrew Donoho and co-produced with Hyperreal Digital, which specialises in creating hyper-realistic digital avatars.

“The technology to de-age talent and have them perform in creative environments like this is now fully-realised, even with one of the most recognised faces in the world,” Hyperreal’s CEO Remington Scott said of the technology used in the video.

The dance-focused video is fitting, considering Beck’s inspiration when remixing the McCartney III Imagined track.

“I remember hanging out at a get together with Paul and his wife Nancy several years ago and Nancy mentioned that she wanted to go out dancing before calling it a night,” Beck wrote on Instagram upon the song’s initial release.

“After a bit of an odyssey looking for a place, we finally found a bar in Hollywood with a DJ. I remember everybody feeling loose and in the moment – Paul and Nancy were tearing it up and completely enjoying themselves.”


When McCartney asked the singer-songwriter to put his spin on the track last year, Beck “wanted to channel a bit of the feeling of [that night].”

“I was thinking of that image of Paul in his groove,” he explained.

“There was a falsetto vocal in his original track that made me want to lean further into something loose and funky – I took my Hofner and put down a few bass lines and it fell together from there. After I ’d [sic] turned in the remix, Paul called and mentioned he’d been dancing in his kitchen to the track all week, kind of full circle to that night.”

Watch the amazing video here…

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