Guns N’ Roses has shared video from their BottleRock Napa Valley performance when Dave Grohl joined them for a rendition of ‘Paradise City.’

It was the same performance that made news when GNR’s power was cut after the band exceeded the festival’s 10pm curfew.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Dave Grohl,” Rose says as the Foo Fighters frontman arrives onstage. “He had a little time backstage to learn the song. He never heard it before.”

The collaboration made it nearly four full minutes before the PA is turned off.

Undiscouraged, Grohl and GNR continue playing as the audience sings along. Sound briefly returns during Slash’s last guitar solo and the song’s double-time outtro.

Rose then thanks the audience, says goodnight and hurls his microphone into the audience.

Watch it here…