Like TV and movies, just about every radio interview that isn’t live-to-air gets edited, meaning a lot can end up on the cutting room floor.

“When some people come in for an interview, you might chat to them for about 20 minutes but what ends up on the radio might only be a couple of minutes,” Gavin Miller, host of WSFM’s This Week In Music, said on Monday morning.

“I spoke to Gary Kemp from Spandau Ballet, who has a new solo album coming out in a few weeks,” Miller said.

“Towards the end of the interview, I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask him about one of my favourite songs ever, Spandau Ballet’s Gold.”

Miller asked Kemp what first came to mind when he was writing that song.

“I wanted to write a James Bond theme tune, it was that riff,” the band’s principal songwriter said, specifically referring to the section using the bongos.

“I was 22, still living at home with my mum and dad in a council house and I remember playing it to my brother in my bedroom.


“Next thing I know, mum called out ‘hey you two, down for dinner!’ there was no respect for the songwriter,” Kemp laughed.

He then recalled that the guitar he uses now, is the same guitar he recorded Gold and True with.

“I’m still connected to that bit of wood with six strings on it.”

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