Roger Taylor has thrown in his two cents over why the remaining members of Queen seem so reluctant to make any new music.

Earlier this year, Taylor, Brian May and Adam Lambert had started work on a song, but it looks like that project has been abandoned.

“It was a song that we’d tried to adapt that had come from a friend,” May had said in February.

“It had the makings of being a great song, but we couldn’t crack it. We couldn’t get there.”

In a recent interview with Mojo, Taylor now says “Brian suddenly lost interest and I don’t really know why.”

“We started it in Nashville when we were all quite tired. We couldn’t decide on a title and the lyric felt a little too negative for Queen, maybe.

“But it was pretty damn good, and I hope it comes to light.”


This later led to comments about Queen’s cautious approach to any kind of output.

“[I]n a way we’re our own hard act to follow,” Taylor said.

“We don’t want to risk doing anything that isn’t going to be great. Maybe that’s one of the things that keeps us out of the studio these days.”