A similarly-named tribute act has been read the riot act from Pearl Jam’s lawyers who’ve said they make changes… or face the consequences.

Pearl Jamm have been asked to change their name as well as hand over email addresses and domain names, guitarist Tim Love told the BBC.

“They’ve also asked us to destroy merchandise,” he said.

Pearl Jam is claiming that Pearl Jamm’s existence is causing damage to Pearl Jam’s brand, something Love scoffs at.

“No one’s ever come to a show, got to the end of the show and came up to us demanding their money back because they were expecting to see Pearl Jam play at the Garage in Highbury.”

Pearl Jamm, who have 9,154 Facebook followers and 1,194 on Twitter, published an open letter to Pearl Jam on Facebook:

“You have known of our tribute band for years yet have waited until a global pandemic to have threatening legal letters sent.


“This isn’t the Pearl Jam we know and love, the Pearl Jam that stands up for social issues and against corporate giants. Yet your lawyers tell us it is indeed you, the band, that are behind this.”

The band also pointed to Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron, who faced similar action from Kiss when he his own tribute band.

“Such was the pressure exerted by the aggressive wording of the legal letters we received, we have questioned whether we even want to continue. We know of at least one other tribute band that decided to call it a day over this.

“It may have been easier, cheaper and more effective for one of you to reach out to us personally. We would have done that for you. But not like this.”

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