Noel Gallagher’s 10-year-old son has been learning to play the guitar lately, and it’s going so well, he’s even taught his dad a few things.

Speaking on BBC’s Radio X, Noel said his boy, Sonny, “rattles around on [the guitar] every night.”

“He showed me, and I genuinely did not know how to play this riff, ‘Back In Black,’ which is a famous riff,” Noel admitted.

The Oasis guitarist and songwriter says his youngest child’s enthusiasm for AC/DC and Queen is thrilling.

He called Sonny his “little protégé,” although he added that he never pushed him to play guitar; he simply left musical instruments laying around the house so the kids can make noise whenever they’re so inclined.

Sonny recently played live at his school and Noel said he’d “never been so proud of anything or anyone in my life. It was amazing.”

He continued, adding that his son doesn’t just take after him musically. He’s also trying his hand at trash talk, an art his father has unequivocally mastered.


Noel recalls one day when Sonny asked him if he could play “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC (a significantly harder song than “Back in Black”).

“I sheepishly went, ‘No.’

He was like, ‘[A] guy in our school can play it and he’s grade 2. What grade are you?’ I was like, ‘I’m grade £76 million, son. That’s what I am, how about that?'”

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