It’s crazy to believe that it’s coming up to a quarter of a century since Natalie Imbruglia released her absolute banger of a track Torn.

And honestly, it still sounds just as amazing as when it came out. Also, how iconic is Nat in that film clip, by the way?

Now, for the first time in six years we’re getting new music from the Aussie singer/actress/icon.

Imbruglia announced the news of the new album on her Instagram overnight, telling fans that we’ll be hearing it in full in September.

But…in even better news, the first single from the album has already been released.


Build It Better is the first single we’re hearing from the album, telling 7News that the song and album were written throughout the pandemic.

“Having gone through a long period of what essentially was writer’s block, it was sometimes hard to envisage getting to this place,” Natalie said.

“Letting something fall apart, and being OK with that, is something that I have had to do in my life, numerous times, but especially moving into this record and becoming a mum.”

You can listen to the single now and pre-order the album Firebird, which is out on September 24.