What better way to say happy birthday to your eight-year-old son than scaring him first. 

This mum decided to take an unusual approach to giving gifts this year. 

She first calls out to him demanding that he tell her what he had bought off the TV or internet without telling her.

The package delivered in the mail that was addressed to him just made the story more credible. 

The poor young boy was completely lost as to how he could convince his mum he had done no wrong. 

After enough poking and prodding into what his story would be, the mum makes him open the package in front of him. 

Only to uncover a brand new Apple product. 


The boy still doesn’t understand what had happened until he reads the note on the packaging that lets him know it is in fact a birthday gift. 

This will be a present the young boy won’t forget about anytime soon.


While originally published in late 2014, the video is going viral a second time in recent weeks. 

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