A Kmart shopper has come under fire over a small detail in a photo of her daughter’s bedroom makeover.

Mum April was keen to share a new snap of the room, which included the Kmart  Confetti Decal Stickers as a feature on the wall.

However, almost instantly negative comments starting surfacing saying she was ‘neglecting’ her child for their bed being on the floor.

April pointed out that actually, that is the design of the room, which is called ‘Montessori’.

Floor beds are a key part of a Montessori bedroom, which believes that it enables “freedom of movement, independence, and mobility.”

“Wow, a mum goes co-sleeping and wakes up to so many negative comments so I will answer them for the people who are unsure,” she wrote on the Kmart Mums page.


“Yes, the bed is flat on the ground BUT we are very minimalistic people and use this mattress throughout the day for alternative things.

Other Facebook users supported April, saying “What the hell? Karens, all right. You’ve done a great job.”