He’s considered one of the most delicious characters in screen and novel history, but we never expected to see Mr. Darcy immortalised in cake form! 

Yes, the popular Jane Austen character has been ‘cake-ified’ to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the BBC miniseries, Pride & Prejudice starring Colin Firth.

Cake connoisseur Michelle Wibowo was commissioned by UKTV to construct the life-sized model of Firth as the renowned Mr. Darcy, and it’s turned out to be quite the treat!

The talented British sugar craft artist spent three weeks and 200 hours working on the six-foot sponge, which required 20kg of flour, 20kg of butter and 45kg of sugar to build.

In true Pride & Prejudice fashion, the cake was unveiled at the National Trust Property in Cheshire UK, which was used as Mr. Darcy’s Pemberley home in the BBC adaptation.


We don’t know about you but it looks way too good to eat!

But, it is Mr. Darcy after all…

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