We’re not sure if you knew this already, but Harrison Ford is in the middle of filming a brand new Indiana Jones movie.

For context, Raiders of the Lost Ark debuted in cinemas around the world in 1981, which makes it quite a stint as the world’s most famous archaeology professor.

However, the movie’s titular character will be sitting on the sidelines of the set after it was revealed that Harrison Ford suffered an injury during a choreographed fight scene.

The 78-year-old hurt himself while rehearsing the scene, doctors are now assessing just how long Ford will be out of the action for.

The movie’s shoot schedule is said to be getting reconfigured over the coming weeks due to the fact that they are missing a pretty important piece of the puzzle.

This isn’t the first time that the iconic actor has been injured while filming a movie, he was previously struck down and pinned to the ground by the Millennium Falcon’s door on the set of Star Wars The Force Awakens.

Indiana Jones 5 was originally announced in 2016 with a scheduled release date for 2019, however, the filming was pushed back after the screenwriter left the project. Then 2020 happened.


If all goes well, we’re expecting to see the new Indiana Jones movie in cinemas at the end of July next year.

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