We have to be honest, when we found out that Disney would be buying the rights for the entire Star Wars universe, we were more than a little apprehensive.

But, you know what? Disney has done a pretty good job in control of the franchise.

And now, they might have just gone and created something that will get even the most casual Star Wars fan very, very excited.

For as far back as we can remember, the idea of a real-life lightsaber was just about the coolest present that we never got.

Sure, you might get that extendable plastic thing, but it is not the same as waving around a real glowing sword that materialises out of nowhere.

Well, you might soon be able to wrap your hands around just that. Disney have dropped a sneak peek at what we think could be the most realistic lightsaber yet.


The lightsaber features in a video that dropped on May the 4th to promote a new Disney park experience.

And while there might a little bit of special effects mayo on this video, Buzzfeed revealed Disney patents for a lightsaber that works like a tape measure with two semi-cylindrical glowing plastic blades unrolling and retracting into the handle.

The only questions we have are: “How much” and “when can we get it”?

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