An Aussie dad has been praised by people across the globe after sharing footage of him dressing up as the popular Frozen character Elsa, to match his son.

Scott Stuart took to his TikTok account to tell the story of his son, Colin who is obsessed with Elsa and wanted to dress up as her when they went to see Frozen 2 in 2019.

Colin had been bullied for playing with his dolls and in the video, Scott explains that he was never going to allow him to dress up in public like Elsa… alone.

So he put on an Elsa costume and they walked in together hand-in-hand!


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♬ Show Yourself – Frozen 2 – The Blue Notes

The video has been watched over 17.8 million times and received over 71.1k comments, with many people applauding him on his great parenting.


“And that’s on someone confident in their own masculinity,” one user said.

“YESSS!! Dad of the year award!!,” another wrote.

“Why wouldn’t he want to be Elsa. She’s a badass with some really cool super powers. Architect with control over the elements. Who wouldn’t want to be that,” someone else said.

We love seeing this stuff, good on you Scott!


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