Forget the father-daughter dance, the Hegge family opted for a mother – son dance off instead! 

This week Evan Hegge and Jenna Van Heek were married at a ceremony in Nebraska and unbeknownst to the bride, her new husband and mother-in-law had something special in store.

Put on the spot, Jenna became the judge of a five minute dual between the two family members and we’ve got to say – their moves are on point! 

Evan’s mother Pam said the family’s love of dancing started 25 years ago when spending time with together doing menial chores. 

“When we started the clean-up we’d turn on the boombox or the radio, and my family would just dance,” Pam told the Argus Leader.

“As they got older, it got to be really fun. They would make fun of the way Steve and I dance, and Steve and I would make fun of the way they dance.

“It was so much fun doing it and looking out and seeing the faces of family and friends and especially Jenna.


“People are smiling and their eyes are big and they’re laughing; that just makes you want to ham it up even more. My mother was crying, and she was laughing at the same time.”

You’ll have to watch for yourself just how epic this dance battle was… and who Jenna picked as the winner 😉

H/T: The Huffington Post

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