A UK mother with a hearing impaired child had the idea to customise children’s hearing aids so they felt comfortable wearing them.

The idea first came to Sarah Ivermee when a friend of hers mentioned that her daughter felt uncomfortable wearing her hearing aids to school.

Since Sarah’s son, Freddie, suffers hearing loss in one ear, and deafness in the other, it’s a situation that’s very close to Sarah’s heart.

So Sarah came up with the idea of adding nail stickers to the aid with her new company My Lugs.

Sarah wrote on the MyLugs website: “We have been very lucky that Freddie has always been happy to keep both his devices on, most of the time! Unfortunately we learnt very quickly that not all families have had such a smooth ride, having lots of problems with children not wanting to wear their devices as they look ‘ugly and unappealing’.”

The idea was to make them child-friendly and make the kids not feel embarrassed to wear them.


Her goal is to make kids want to show them off and make them feel less self-conscious about wearing the devices.

H/T UniLad

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