A mother and daughter have been charged after it was revealed the pair had an incestuous marriage.

Court documents have revealed that Patricia Spann, 43 and her biological daughter Misty Spann, 25, were legally married in Comanche County in Texas, earlier this year.

The marriage was revealed after the Department of Human Services visited their home as part of a child welfare investigation.

Both have been charged under Oklahoma law because marrying a relative is still considered incest, even if there is no sexual relationship.

Local authorities have revealed that Patricia Spann lost custody of her daughter and two sons, and they were raised by a grandparent.

Following being reunited with Misty two years ago, the two connected and didn’t think they were breaking any laws because Patricia’s name wasn’t listed on any birth certificates.

However, it is not the first time Patricia has married one her child. She married her son in 2008 but it was annulled in March 2010.