MKR judge Pete Evans has shared photos that show his transformation over the last decade.

The chef and cookbook author took to Instagram to show a side-by-side image of himself from ten years ago and now, showing his dramatic weight loss.

Evans has had years of criticism from the medical community over his continual push for people to take up the Paleo diet.

Paleo excludes dairy, grains and legumes which means it focuses on meats and vegetables.

In his post, Evans said “I often share images and stories of others success stories. Well here is a little snapshot of mine.”


Evans credit the change in his appearance with following the Paleo way, which he continues to say bans “inflammatory foods”, explaining he does “way less exercise now, (play a lot more now) and just follow paleo principles 99 per cent of the time”.

Fans have commented saying “You look amazing,” and “I lost (9.98 kg) 22 pounds in 6 months with very little exercise and a huge focus on the paleo diet!!”

The post has over 10,000 likes on Instagram and 7800 likes on his Facebook page.

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