Jonesy & Amanda spoke to one of seven Aussies trying to get a one way trip to Mars!

Listen above as Dianne McGrath tells how she’d happily go where no person has gone before, the red planet!

The seven Aussies are among the final 100 candidates (50 men and 50 women) who will be sent to the Red Planet, never to return.

Mars One is all about trying to colonise the red planet and it will all be captured on camera for earthlings to watch.

According to the Mars One website, the mission is an attempt establish a permanent human settlement on Mars.

Crews of four will depart every two years, starting in 2024.


The seven Australians were chosen after amassing enough points during a series of interviews with the Mars One project’s chief medical officer, Norbert Kraft.

The other Aussies are: Sare Teah, 19, Rohan 45, Natalie Lawler 36, Josh 29, Gunna, 41 and Electra, 37.

It’s expected it will take each crew about seven months to make the journey.

The landing capsule will carry life support units that generate energy, water and breathable air for the settlement.

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